Bar-In-A-Box Dimensions:
Open 36 1/4″W x 23 1/4″D x 46 1/8″H
Closed 36 1/4″W x 5″D x 52 3/4″H (Weight 75 lbs.)




$1000 each 3 or more

$950 each 5 or more

$900 each 10 or more

•       •       •       •       •      

The smaller version portable bar at 3 feet wide it weighs only 75 lbs. It comes with 1 folding speed rack, 1 ice bin, 1 cutting board. Bar in a Box offers the option to add multi-color programmable LED lighting with handheld remote control. It folds flat to 7 inches in 20 seconds. Combine 3 units together for a unique 6 foot wide stretch with no counter gaps. It’s waterproof & weatherproof!

Its portable nature allows you to take the bar anywhere. Here are some unique ways to use Bar-in-a-Box:

• NEW DRINK PROMOTIONAL LAUNCHES & SAMPLING SERVICE: Perfect for full-service beverage sampling at bars, restaurants, retail stores, catering facilities and tradeshow events.

• SECOND BAR SERVICE: Cut down long drink lines at events by setting up a Bar-In-A-Box to absorb traffic.

• SPECIAL DRINK & HAPPY HOUR: Offer clients a special Martini, Margarita or custom mixers in addition to full bar service.

• RESIDENTIAL: Purchase for home use when the SmartBar 5L is not an option for you!