Smart BackBar Plus

Elevate Your Event Experience with Commercial Portable Bars


At Smart Bar Products, we are passionate about providing innovative solutions to enhance your event service. Our range of commercial portable bars is designed to streamline your operations, maximize space, and increase profitability. With customizable panels, programmable LED lighting, and convenient features, our products are the perfect addition to any bar setup.

Why Choose Our Mobile Portable Bars?



With Smart Bar Products, you can set up satellite locations in or outside events to serve more customers. Our mobile portable bars fold closed to less than 12 inches and roll, taking up minimal storage space.


Our SmartBar 5L portable bar ensures a quick return on investment. The customizable panels allow you to sell personalized advertising and promotional messages to your clients, boosting revenue.


Set up unique drink or cocktail stations and showcase them stylishly with integrated programmable, multi-color LED lighting. Anyone can easily control it using the handheld remote control that comes included.


SmartBar Products can transform your bar into a profitable asset. We offer innovative ideas and solutions to boost financial performance and enhance business experience. Discover new possibilities for success.

Our Mobile Bartending Table Products

Smart Bar 5L

The Smart Bar 5L is a fully equipped mobile bar setup designed for effortless setup and teardown. It features two ice bins, washable cutting boards, shelving, a speedwell, and a protective cover. With its built-in multi-color programmable LED lighting and handheld remote control, it adds a touch of sophistication to any event.


Smart Backbar Plus

The Smart Backbar Plus is a versatile portable bar for indoor and outdoor use. It folds, rolls, and lights up, offering full customization and branding options. 

Equipped with:

  • Built-in LED lighting system
  • Six industrial wheels with built-in wheel covers
  • Two ice bins, and extra storage space

Bar in a Box

Create your dream commercial portable bar with our customizable bar in a Box. Tailor the design to suit your needs and preferences, choosing elements or pattern details that match your décor. The branded panels allow you to promote your business or event to your target market effectively.


Build Your Portable Bar

Our Build Your Portable Bar option allows you to customize every detail according to your requirements. From the design elements to branding panels featuring logos and images, we provide the tools to create a truly unique and impactful portable bar.

Build Your Portable Bar

Discover the possibilities with Smart Bar Products and elevate your event service to new heights. Contact us today to explore our range of portable bars and transform your business’s potential.

Customer Reviews

We've been able to have a return of investment on the bars by selling advertising space on the front of the bars for individuals and companies. That has helped us recoup the money that we put into the bar and turned it into a revenue-generating source.

Gregory Colon Director of Banquets - Crowne Plaza NYC