Alcohol Planning for Corporate Events

Corporate events are a great way to unite employees and strengthen team spirit. However, planning these events can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to deciding on the type of alcohol to serve.

Here, we will discuss some important factors when planning for alcohol at your next corporate event. We will also provide tips on ensuring responsible and safe alcohol consumption among your employees.

Best Practices for Choosing Alcohol

When choosing the type of alcohol to serve at your corporate event, you should keep a few best practices in mind. These will ensure that your employees have a good time and promote responsible and safe consumption.

Plan Well in Advance

When organizing a corporate event, whether for your staff or a client, it is crucial to have a comprehensive plan. From start to finish, meticulous planning ensures a seamless and successful event. This entails making reservations for a restaurant or event space and engaging a reliable alcohol service.

Additionally, it is advisable to arrange for adequate transportation to ensure the safety of your guests during their commute to and from the event.

Set an End Time for Your Event

Having a set end time for your corporate event is crucial, especially when it comes to alcohol drinking. This helps prevent attendees from overindulging and promotes responsible consumption. It also allows you to plan for any necessary transportation arrangements.

Get a Personalized Bar Setup for Your Company Event

Consider setting up a personalized bar like SmartBar Products for your company event. It is a great way to showcase your brand and impress guests while providing an enjoyable atmosphere. You can customize your portable bar with logos, solid colors, images, brand elements, and matching decor elements representing your company. Some other ideas for its use are to create signature cocktails and drinks that fit the theme of your event. It’s a fun way to incorporate company branding for a supreme sensory marketing experience!

Provide Alcohol-Free Drinks

Inclusivity is important when planning corporate events. Make sure to add different mocktails to the shopping list to provide various non-alcoholic beverage options. This ensures everyone can enjoy the gathering regardless of their preferences or restrictions.


Limit the Amount of Drinks

It is advisable to limit the number of alcoholic beverages served. A general guideline is to plan for one drink per guest per hour to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. This approach promotes responsible drinking and prevents overconsumption. 

Let’s assume you are serving white wine for four hours for 100 guests. This means you will need 100 guests x 4 hours = 400 drinks.

Hire Professional Bartenders

To ensure smooth and efficient service, consider hiring professional bartenders who are experienced in handling corporate events. They will not only provide expert cocktail-making skills but also help monitor alcohol consumption and enforce any established rules or guidelines.

How SmartBar Products Can Help

At SmartBar Products, we understand the importance of seamless event planning and executionAs one of the industry’s most innovative providers of portable full bars, we are committed to creating an exceptional alcohol experience for your guests.

With our high-quality bar equipment and expert support, we ensure that your event is well-planned, responsible, and enjoyable. Trust SmartBar Products for all your alcohol planning needs, and let us help you elevate your corporate event to new heights. Contact us today to explore our services and make your event truly unforgettable