A completely equipped portable bar brilliantly designed to set up and tear down effortlessly....

Its constructed of unbreakable high impact panels and lightweight but sturdy metal available in different colors. It features plenty of counter space, comes with 2 ice bins, 2 washable cutting boards, shelving, speed well, protective cover and includes built-in multi-color programmable LED lighting with hand held remote control. The easily removable panels can be customized with logos, slogans, images and more, providing operators with added revenue opportunities.

SPECIFICATIONS (Click Here for Detailed Description)

Smart Bar 5L Dimensions:
Open 60 ¼”W x 31 ¼”D x 48”H    
Closed 60 ¼”W x 10 ¾”D x 55 ¾”H


HIGHLIGHTS (Click Here for Detailed Description)

The SmartBar 5L is a full-sized, fully functional professional bar that offers remarkable portability, space efficiency and innovation. There are no tools required and no loose parts to deal with. The wheel covers come attached and fold with the bar to give a classy look. The top comes attached and folds with the bar too. It does things no other catering furniture can do, which can lead to extra banquet and catering sales and a significant increase in your profits.

• It folds to less than 12 inches in 20 seconds for easy storage.

• The speedwell holds 18 large bottles and is ergonomically placed for bartenders. 

• The protective cover is made of a high quality heavy duty quilted furniture fabric material.

• The built-in multi-color programmable LED lighting and effects are water-proof and saves on energy costs! It can be powered by plugging into a regular ground outlet or if you need greater mobility - the optional battery fits snug in the available battery slot.

• The removable high impact panels can be branded and customized with logos, photos, designs or anything imaginable giving owner’s additional revenue generating opportunities.

• It also offers optional counter tops made of beautifully crafted custom mahogany wood and frame color selections to mix and match with your décor or brand.