Line them up, scatter them around or use as the main Cocktail table in the room!



Also constructed of unbreakable high impact panels and lightweight but sturdy metal. Smart Cocktail Table is the most convenient centerpiece and partner to all of the Smart Bar Products line. It folds flat for easy storage and comes with built-in multi-color programmable LED lighting with hand held remote control. The removable panels can be customized with logos, slogans, images and more, providing operators with added revenue opportunities. Protective cover also included.

SPECIFICATIONS (Click Here for Detailed Description)

Smart Cocktail Dimensions

Open 30 ¼”W x 30 ¼”D x 42”H    

Closed 30 ¼”W x 6 ¾”D x 50 ¾”H

HIGHLIGHTS (Click Here for Detailed Description)

Cocktail Tables lined up or scattered throughout enhance the atmosphere and add pizazz to any event! You can add designs and logos to the tops, fronts and backs and go for a full wrap design and customize all panels. Check back soon as we’re in development of a NEW style of Cocktail Table with a unique fold and shape.